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Well this is the awkward bit where I have to gloat about my skills in art - which, if you know me, is a very uncomfortable thing for me to do…..but, I will give it a go to all who are clicking on this website and want to know the “About Me” (I will now attempt to make this as professional as possible)....


Hi, I’m Aimee - After my schooling in the UK where I first began dabbling in all art mediums, I did what most young people do - other things entirely! 


My loves and endeavors focused on design and home remodeling, the art of all things food related (some would say I am chef level - I say I'm just in love with a good ingredient), I love gardening and getting my hands in the dirt, and in between all that, I have had several businesses under my belt for good measure.


Traveling has taken me to many destinations beyond California and the UK, including Italy, Spain, India, Thailand, Australia, China and Taiwan - where I spent most of the world wide pandemic - and focused on my art.


So here we are, or you are, or I am? Anyway, we are here, on this website - or back in Carmel, California, where I am with my hubby and beloved “Lucy Lou” painting for you to have a little splash of my paint from my heart to your wall.


Thanks for stopping by, for more info - simply fill out your details below and I will get back to you after taking Lucy for her daily walk!  

Looking Forward to Hearing from You!

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