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Born in California and educated in England, Aimee’s love of travel and exploration has taken her around the world and back - to the rugged and beautiful landscape of California’s Central Coast.

As expressed by her artwork - Aimee colors a canvas like she colors the people around her . Her breezy personality is captivating and infections. She is an explorer. The places she has lived and traveled have taken her on a personal journey in all things - especially art. Before the world came to a halt during the pandemic, Aimee began putting her brush to canvas while living for two years in Taiwan.  

Aimee’s previous adventures have taken her to Scotland, India, Thailand, China, Italy, Australia and Taiwan, but she admits, she has yet to visit most of the Americas - putting it on a traveler’s bucket list - with just a paintbrush in hand she is ready.


Although Aimee started dabbling in the arts while still being schooled in England, she diverted/expanded her talents in creating several successful businesses and then selling them at a profit. Although in meeting her you wouldn’t recognize it, Aimee is a master at business, yet humble in nature. A talented chef, master floral arranger and designing home remodels, she is “can do” in everything she touches.


Charitable endeavors include her current membership on the board of the Pacific Grove Art Association, and more than she wishes to brag about.


Aimee’s love of Carmel by the Sea is much like every other dog lover’s….if you see her, you know, she never travels far without her beloved “Lucy” the most pampered dog on the Central Coast.

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